A Curmudgeon’s view of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

Is it just me?

Like many, I enjoy watching the Summer Olympic Games. However….

I am tired of seeing the same handful of sports over and over and over.
Swimming. Diving. Gymnastics. Volleyball (yeah, that should be an Olympic
Event. NOT!)

And of course, Me-ism is very important. What is shown on Television to the U.S. audience is the United States and how they compete. They only show sporting events where the U.S. has a chance of winning a medal. What’s wrong with showing a sport in which the U.S. does not dominate? Maybe rowing, archery, dressage, cycling why hell, even trampoline is an Olympic Event. (Who knew?) And fencing? It’s over in a few seconds. You don’t know who won, or why? Is it so hard to explain to us neophytes how an event is scored?

Award ceremonies are absent. Even when the U.S. wins, you never hear the national anthem nor see the flags raised of the winning countries. Why? Because it would de-focus the emphasis on the United States. This is a world competition, not a U.S.only Olympic event! What’s wrong with showing an awards ceremony when another country wins?

But then…the Olympics quit being about competition, when they allowed professional athletes in 1986.

and so it goes….