The $1000 / month budget

This is a typical $1000 per month budget. This might be your budget on un-employment or Social Security. This is how you start in Personal Finance 101. Listing all your income, and all your expenses.

Living on a budget is NOT just knowing your bank account balance at any one point in time. It requires the dreaded “D” word: DISCIPLINE. No one wants that! Study this. I will have more to say as I pass on tips I have learned, and mistakes to avoid.

NOTE: There is absolutely NO room for credit card or ANY debt in this budget.


This is where you get started. Dave Ramsey’s Quickie Budget form. (PDF)

Disclaimer: I am NOT certified in anything, except for the school of hard knocks and mistakes. I am NOT a Financial Planner. Nor do I have wealth beyond imagine. But I know how to live within my income. Everything I have, I own. No one else.

The tips I will give in this series, are things I learned over time from family, Biblical principles and perspectives, and especially from my friend, Brad B. I use Dave Ramsey a lot. Simple. Easy. Free. Accessible. It works.

What are your questions or observations?

Armchair Economist