Aspergers and relationships

A salient ability of Aspergers, is the ability to view everyone equally. Black. White. Brown. English Speaking, non-English Speaking. Republican. Democrat. Young. Old. All are equal in the eyes of most Autistic’s. This can be a decided advantage in dealing with the varied opportunities for relationships. It can also be an unravelling. Those on the Autistic Spectrum are easily blind sided by the need to custom tailor their approach to relationships to an individual, and not the group en masse. What works for one group or individual does NOT always work with another.

Ignoring someone with Autism/Aspergers is the most powerful weapon Neuro-Typicals (NT) employ. Silence (no communication) is interpreted as rejection. The deafening cry is a plea to be left alone.

For many, the social information can not be processed correctly or immediately. It takes a long time (weeks or months) to understand when a relationship is over, because many process emotional information, through logic. When the social information is properly decoded, there may be a plea for grace to end the relationship expeditiously and friendly, so that the loss can be appropriately mourned, and the long journey to restoration can finally begin.

October 16, 2011