Christian Perspective on Bruce Jenner’s sex reassignment


My Response to “Why I Think Caitlyn Jenner is a Hero”

Jenner’s issues are much deeper than gender dysphoria.

He believes the lie, like many with a world milieu.

Self Worth = my performance + other people’s opinions

Problem is, both vary.

I believed the lie for many years. I spent years reshaping my self-esteem, based upon God’s love for me by sending his Son to pay for your sin and my sin. Any sin, short of rejecting the message of the Holy Spirit (you can not separate the Word of God, from the Spirit of God), can be forgiven. Murder? Forgiven. Adultery? Forgiven. Sex re-assignment? Forgiven.

The bigger issue is God’s omniscience (knows everything) and omnipotence (controls everything). Jenner openly declares: “I am master of my soul and body, not you, God.” That my friend, is idolatry. One doesn’t glorify or declare idolatry as acceptable. That is apostasy. None of us are immune.

We are offered 2 choices: condemn or condone? Neither is correct. We offer charity. to whomever God brings into our life.

As we become closer to Christ through prayer in the inner chamber, we begin to see God’s glory. Andrew Murray’s “The Prayer Life” was transformational. (About a 4 hour read.) I was convicted of my prayerlessness between the 2nd and 3rd paragraph.

Choose to be close to God. Make no apologies.

My dear friends, don’t let public opinion influence how you live out our glorious, Christ-originated faith. (James 2:1 The Message)