Wayno’s Christmas Newsletter

Just a few lines to update you, on me!



C h r i s t m a s ,  2 0 0 8

It has been the year, and I have survived!

As most of you know, I underwent Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (due to a congenital defect) on October 22,  2008.  No Coronary Artery Disease.  Everything went well.  I am 6 weeks out, and feel great.  I was in the hospital for 3 days!  (done off pump)

Mom spent about 3 weeks here in Tucson, helping me get through the first days after surgery.  Thank you Mom and Dad!

I just had a check-up with the Cardiologist, and he said things are looking fine.  I really don’t need Cardiac Rehab, but he thinks the educational aspects of it would be good, so he’s submitting the request to my HMO for authorisation.

All labs look good, and I should be “good-to-go “for the hernia repair in February, 2009.  Looking at about July, 2009 for the Rotator Cuff repair.

Thanks for your prayers.  They made a difference!  A special thank you to the folks at Drexel Heights for helping me in my time of need.  ( http://www.dhbctucson.org – be sure to check our blog)

During the summer, I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome:  a mild form of Autism.  I have made some good Aspie friends:  Myra and Will.

I have been quite busy of late.  With my 5+ year old computers failing, Mom and Dad got me a new computer for Christmas.  With help from my friend Joe Sloan (from Toyota), we installed the 64 bit (dual processor version) of Ubuntu Linux.  I have been using SuSE Linux for over 2 years, so the switch went well.

Pastor Dan and I sat down, and I will be teaching a class on Budgeting, starting in January, 2009.   With the economy on the downturn, this has become an urgent need.

We are also looking at ways to incorporate Spanish into our church, since we are literally surrounded by a large Spanish Speaking community here in Tucson.  I’m looking at brushing up my Spanish Skills, and we are considering doing an ESL (English as a Second Language) outreach.  (Pastor Dan is bi-lingual)

Happy Holidays, “Old Friends!”  (from Wayno, Hetty & Abby)