Disposable People

Disposable People

“Disposable People” – Steve Malakowsky (Outcast Press , 2009)

There is no such thing as a disposable person. It is a description based on perception. This book is dedicated to those who live on the far edges of society. Some are easily catagorized. We call them homeless, addicted, unwanted, broken, ignored, strange, frightening and avoidable. Others blend in, but their hearts are shattered. Their lives are twisted wrecks, but they have become experts at hiding the damage.

My words will describe people I have met. Outcasts have stories. Hopefully, the more you know the more you will care. The photos on the back cover are copies of picture that Anna hands out on the street. The bright imagery represents hope, dreams and un-fullfilled destinies. These are lost elements in many lives.

My intents is that your eyes will see the shadow dwellers in your world and that your hearts will search for ways to help them. My prayer is that if you have been labelled as disposable, you will begin to grasp this important truth…your life has value.

Steve Malakowsky, outcastpress, 2009