Dust vs Dirt

Dust vs Dirt

Probably most of us remember the passage in Gen 2:7 about God creating man from dust, and from Gen 3:19, that we will return to dust. But…what about in between? The parable of the sower comes to mind from Luke.

Dust is worthless. You can’t grow anything in it. It’s dirty. Messy. Filthy. Sterile. Shaken off feet. (Matt 10:14) Think: Dust Bowl!

But dirt contains all the things necessary for growth. (See The parable of the sower in Luke 8:11-15). It is fertile and rich. You can plant things in dirt, and they will flourish and grow 10 or even 100 fold.

Where are you today? We’re big guys now, and we still play in the dirt 🙂 . But are you the dust in someone’s eye, or are you the rich bountiful soil that grows food to sustain life? Dust is worthless. But dirt has real lasting value. Adjust your agenda. Make the time for someone else. Build a bridge into someone’s life. It can be virtually anything: off roading, movies, music, tv, sports. Communicate the character of Christ. The simple ABC’s of human friendship.

Be the dirt in someone’s life, and grow something wonderful.