A look at Arizona’s SB 1070 and National Sovereignty

Originally Published August 28, 2011

Judge Susan Bolton’s recent decision regarding Arizona’s SB-1070, brings to mind the question of National Sovereignty.

She admitted in her opening remarks during a recent press conference…

Against a backdrop or rampant illegal immigration, escalating drug and human trafficking crimes, and serious public safety concerns, the Arizona Legislature enacted a set of statutes and statutory amendments in the form of Senate Bill 1070… U.S.A. v. State of Arizona.

She openly acknowledged the problems, but through her ponderance over these laws, issued an injunction against the bill anyway. While Judge Bolton is in Phoenix, she is far removed from the scene here in Tucson, which is the single most active sector in the U.S. for il-legal border crossings. She does not see what the residents of Tucson see. Did Judge Bolton just give the Feds a get of our jail free card? The issue is National Sovereignty. Do we, or do we not, have any control over our borders? She seems to have paid lip service, anyway, in acknowledging the problems.

Through her in-action, she has given control to Foreign Governments and their Citizens, the power to come and go as they please. Is our border now a turnstile? If il-legal’s can freely cross, what about Terrorists? The Bush and Obama Administration’s have both long ignored the problems faced everyday. The crime waves. The murders. The cost imposed on the states: Education, Housing, Food, Medical Care, for these Citizens.

Do we control our destiny, or is that power now vested in Foreign Governments, that have managed to re-locate their Citizens? Things look very stark here. Arizona’s attempt in SB-1070 said: If you won’t do the job of enforcing the Federal Statutes already in place, then we’ll do it for you. Can one blame a state for trying to protect it’s citizens when the Federal Government steadfastly, ineptly, and impotently refuses to do their job? Mr. Obama had time to be on The View but doesn’t have time to visit the border. What are his priorities?

Our borders are no more secure today, then they were on September 11, 2001. Where are those in charge of our safety and security?  History proves to be incredibly pragmatic. If we don’t learn the lessons offered by history, we are pre-destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. Will Durant offers this insight: A great civilisation is not conquered from without, until it has destroyed itself from within.

Judge Bolton, should be criticized for her ruling helps dismantle this great nation, one law at a time. It is indeed unfortunate, she can’t be voted out of office. Frank Zappa was right on when he said: The United States is a nation of laws, badly written and randomly enforced.