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Two things about Christianity

The two things I would say about Christianity are these:

1. Christianity is a process. It starts the moment you are converted, and ends the moment you die.

2. You do NOT have final control of the outcome of ANY event. God is in control. You, are not. Our responsibility is to be obedient to what God has called us to do. That is NEVER without consequence.


Foremost Insurance — USAA needs to drop kick this company

Tucson, Az 85745
October 20, 2012

General Joe Robles, CEO
c/o USAA
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX 78288

Dear General Joe:

I had an experience with an insurance company, Foremost Insurance, recommended by USAA for my manufactured home. The experience is so grievous, I felt it necessary to bring it to your attention. Reference, Foremost policy number:

Kudos to both of the USAA employees (one in the banking department, and the other in the insurance department) that assisted me on Friday, October 19, 2012. They both provided customer service par excellence.

As to Foremost Insurance. This company was recommended by USAA to insure my manufactured home. Since it was recommended by USAA, I expected the same level of excellent Customer Service, I have always enjoyed with USAA.

That was not the case. A little background is necessary. I am disabled, and I am on Social Security Disability. I receive Social Security Checks on the 3rd of every month. However, the only payment option offered to me by Foremost, was 10 payments/year, (instead of 12 monthly payments/year,) and payment due dates of the 29, 30, or 31st of the month.

My only option then was to pay this out of my USAA Savings Account in advance, (Automatic Clearing House transfers are the ONLY payment option they would accept for automatic payment.) then transfer money from checking to savings, AFTER I get paid every month. The insurance is paid 10 times a year (instead of monthly, like I get paid, and is due BEFORE I get paid.) For those of us on Social Security or a fixed income, this is quite a budgeting challenge and hardship.

  • We must pay them on a date which THEY specify, NOT what is convenient for us, or other recipients BEFORE we receive our Social Security Checks.
  • We must pay this 10 times/year, NOT monthly which is how we are paid from Social, Security. It adds an un-necessary level of complexity and difficulty that should not be present.
  • The company (NOT the person who helped me there) has a take or leave it attitude. I would have NEVER chosen this company, had I known about these payment options in advance.

Since this company was recommended by USAA, I expect the same level of Customer Service as I have with USAA itself. As you can see, this is NOT the case.

I WILL be changing to a different provider after the first of the year, and telling people NOT to use this company, ever. Customer Service at Foremost Insurance, does not command the same level of attention or priority, as it does with USAA.

I would reconsider USAA’s association with a company that steadfastly provides an inferior level of Customer Care. This is NOT a flagship association for the Customer Service USAA provides.