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Too much time on their hands

The definition of too much time on their hands. Virus scanning a computer.


Wild Tangent Games

Too much time on their hands


19.4 gigabytes of Wild Tangent games. 99,848 files in 7,636 folders. Takes a LONG time to virus scan.

Dear Chairman of the Board Mitsui Sumitomo

This letter needs to re-surface from livejournal to here:

Maybe it’s time to send another letter. It took them over 5 years to pay back prescriptions before I sent this letter.

Hi Wayne

Tom asked me to email you regarding your rx. Workmans comp has quite paying for this rx. The last check we received was for $8.37 and stated that the charge exceeded the official medical fee schedule allowance. This means that they have a fee schedule and based off of the ingredients it will allow a certain amount to be paid. I have called them twice stating that this does not even cover the cost of the drugs involved let alone our labor involved in making the prescription. I have not received a response from anyone as of today. Tom said that you typically call and get this handled as they have done this before. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.



Dear Chairman of the Board of Mitsui Sumitomo (Japan)

28th October 2011

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Tucson, Az 85745 USA
October 28, 2011

Toshiaki Egashira, Chairman of the Board
c/o Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited
27-2, Shinkawa 2-Chome Chuo-ku
Tokyo, 104-8252, Japan

Dear Mr. Egashira:

First some background information on me. I am a former employee of SCS (1989 – 1992) where I worked at MMA as the on-site contract manager. I suffered an on-the-job injury, and that claim was finally settled in 1996. I receive Worker’s Compensation Benefits from one of your subsidiary companies: MSIGUSA.

Here are the specifics of my claim so that you can identify me:

Claim’s Administrator:
Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (USA), Inc.

Injured Workers name: Wayno
Claim number: claim number went here
Date of Injury: date of injury went here

Employer: SCS

I have dealt with a Mr. Greg Averetta, the Claims Supervisor, and with Rick Cornejo, the Worker’s Compensation Manager, regarding claims. Obviously things are at a standstill, which is why I am writing to you.

Here are the outstanding issues:

1. I have unpaid Pharmacy bills (see attached) from 2006. Yes, over 5 years ago. I can not obtain any more medication (it is specially compounded, it is not over-the-counter), until the past bills are paid. I have asked my claims representative, Donna Thomas to investigate the cause for the delay (see attached), as well as Mr. Averetta, and Mr. Cornejo. Nothing has been done to pay this past due amount. Emails to all 3 of these employees, go un-answered. This is a disgraceful and shameful practice. What can you do to help pay these back bills, and ensure that they are paid in the future in a timely manner (30 days NOT 5 years?) I am currently without ANY medication, and no way to obtain any more. NOTHING IS BEING DONE. STILL AWAITING A REPLY.

2. I had gone over 4 years without treatment, because no one was able to find anyone in Tucson, Arizona that would accept my out-of-state, California Worker’s Compensation insurance, in Arizona. Finally I saw a doctor after 4 1/2 years, earlier this month. An MRI was done, and the Doctor referred me to a Back Specialist. NOTHING IS BEING DONE AT MSIGUSA ABOUT THE TRANSFER. STILL AWAITING APPROVAL.

3. The Doctor wrote me a prescription (see attached) for a new Electronic Muscle Stimulator. NOTHING IS BEING DONE AT MSIGUSA ABOUT THAT EITHER. STILL AWAITING APPROVAL.

4. I have filed 2 complaints (see attached) with the Division of Worker’s Compensation. They have also chosen to do nothing.

5. I turned in a Medical Mileage claim form last week to Donna Thomas. No acknowledgement of receipt. AS FAR AS I KNOW, NOTHING IS BEING DONE AT MSIGUSA ABOUT THAT EITHER.

This is shameful, disgraceful, and a disgusting manner in which to treat a former employee, and now injured worker. I appeal to your sense of honour, duty, and decency in helping me to resolve these issues in a timely manner (BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2011)


Rough English translation:

The treatment for me who am the original employee of the corporation which suffers from rear leaving behind obstacle of after the labor disaster the shame [zu] which is lacking in grade as the Japanese enterprise is the behavior which should. I protest strictly. And, adequate treatment is desired urgently.

My own translation:

Originally, I was an employee of the corporation. But the corporation now suffers from backward thinking, and I am left behind with an obstacle after the worker’s compensation claim was finally approved, after a lengthy dispute. My treatment by the U.S. subsidiary, lacks the behaviour that a Japanese Corporation would normally give. It is shameful. I protest strongly, and adequate treatment is desired urgently.