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Restorative Justice instead of Punitive Justice

Following is a letter I am sending to the Pima County Juvenile Court, to ask that the theft case involving a minor, be adjudicated by a Community Justice Board.

Tucson, Az 85746
February 17, 2014

Superior Court of the State of Arizona
Pima County Juvenile Court Center
2225 E. Ajo Way
Tucson, Az 85713-6295

RE: Pima County Sheriff Department LEA # XXXXXX145, G, C.A. SWID XXXX730

To whom it may concern:

Enclosed, please find my affidavit of loss.

I would like to see this case adjudicated by the Pima County Community Justice Board. Restorative justice, rather then punitive justice. Yes, restitution needs to be performed. I would like to see C.A. restored as a full, contributing member of society. I believe that a community justice board would best serve C.A. and the community.

I would like the following conditions to be placed as part of C.A.’ probation:

1. C.A. would be required to to obtain a diploma or G.E.D. certificate within 1 year. I would be willing along with the court’s assistance, to help him achieve that goal.

2. C.A. would be required to meet once per week during the probationary period, at Drexel Heights Baptist Church, with either Pastor Dan , Paul, or myself for a minimum of 90 minutes/week. The church is located less then 1 mile from his home.

3. Restitution be fully paid to me in the amount of $116.75 within 1 year.

I ask the court to consider these terms, when dealing with C.A.

The goal is to restore C.A. as a full contributing member of society.