Wayno Guerrini

Since the days of yore, I have been involved with computers and computing. My first computer was the CDC-1604/160A, back in 1966. I have seen a revolution since the days of tape drives, punched cards, and room sized computers, that seemed to use as much electricity as a small city.

Today, things are vastly different. Like the wrist watch radio in the Dick Tracy comics, computers have evolved to a compact size, mega computing capacity, and far less air conditioning and electrical use. Despite all the technological advances in over 4 decades since I started, there are days I would gladly give up my hand held phone, (Android of course) to once again take the helm of this relic.

Several years ago I became involved with the SETI project. Donating my computer’s idle time, to scientific endeavours. In the summer of 2005, I under took a challenge that would transform me, and my love affair with computing. My friend and tutor, Joe S., built my very first Linux box, and sent it to me. I hated it! It was hard to learn. Yet…it kept beckoning me. Over the years, I became a friend of Linux. My exuberance for free open source software (FOSS) is shown in my Linux blog site, pkill-9.com.

You will often find me on Freenode IRC channels #ubuntu and #debian. I am Blue1. I have talked scores of people through Linux installs, problem solving, how to’s, etc. I enjoy teaching. It is a part of my essential nature.

This blog, is not technological. Rather it is my compilation of things that I have found and learned. A potpourri. A mix of this, that, and the other. This is the non-technical side of Wayno.

My interests include: freelance writing, digital photography, arm chair economics, walking, collecting rain data, cooking, quality challenged “B” movies, and feline overlords. Not necessarily in that order.

I am often asked, how I came up with bluefigtoast. I needed a name that was unique across all platforms. Blue is a an okay colour, figs are fruit I am not overly fond of, but oh, I do love toast! So it is a mediocre colour, an okay fruit, but a bread product I like. It was that or YellowKiwiTortilla.

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