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Hermitage No Kill Cat Shelter Celebrates 48 years


Founded in 1965 by a Russian Orthodox Nun, Sister Seraphim made a deal with God. She would care for any animal He put in her path as long as He provided the means. The Hermitage was the first no-kill, no-cage cat sanctuary in Arizona. [1]

In 1969, the shelter moved to its current location at 5278 E. 21st Street in a quiet residential neighbourhood, located just off of 22nd and Magnolia (near Thoroughbred Nissan.) The shelter is home to about 200 cats, including some permanent residents with special needs such as GI issues, allergies, or timidity. Some of the adoptable candidates include cats with FIV, and diabetes.


The shelter has undergone major renovations under the leadership of the new executive director, Joe Sprague. The shelter now includes a new adoption area, fresh paint, a modernized computer network infrastructure, air conditioning, and cat walks though out the shelter.

The Hermitage will be hosting movie nites at the shelter, The first movie: Mama Mia (a sing along) on Thursday, September 12 starting at 6:30 pm. The cost is $5.


Dates            Movie

September 12     Mama Mia Sing A Long
September 21     The Birds
October 3        Muppets (Original)
October 18       That Darn Cat
November 2       ***Special Horror Night Oldies
                 but scary Start at 7pm goes till Midnight*** $10.00
November 7       Grease
November 15      Sci Fi Night
January 9        Big Fish
January 24       Breakfast at Tiffany's
February 7       Hairspray Sing a Long
February 20      Little Shop of Horrors    
A pass for $25.00 is available to view 6 movies of your choice!

Editorial response to Tucson being named as the 6th poorest city

my editorial reply to:

Tucson being named as the 6th poorest city in the U.S.

While I am a Christian, Focus on the Family does NOT speak for me.

I do feel that the erosion of family values is a contributing (but not the single cause) of poverty. Traditionally, widows and orphans were taken care of by the church. The intrinsic values of our society are not being promulgated to the next generation, caused by the deterioration of the integral family unit.

How do you overcome poverty? Education plays a key role. Charity DOES begin at home, but if that value is never taught, how does that trickle through the society?

If I see a homeless person on the street, I DO give them money. I am my brother’s keeper. If they spend it on alcohol or drugs, that is their choice. I gave for the right reasons. I believe ultimately, they are accountable to God, for how they utilized the assistance they received.

I am on Social Security. SO I know full well the decision many seniors face: do I eat this month, or do I buy the medicine? No one should have to make that decision, but I and many seniors face that dilemma daily.

It should not be incumbent on the state to provide welfare. That function was originally handled by the church. Maybe that is where it belongs.


Fallen Arches at Mc Donald’s

Fallen arches (literally) at Mc Donald’s

Fallen Arches at Mc Donald's

Fallen Arches at Mc Donald’s

Rare site. Fallen arches at Mc Donald’s on Oracle (near the Tucson Mall.) Apparently a micro-burst came through the area, and caused a lot of damage. This poor Mc Donald’s sign being a victim.

Oh! They were so close to 100 Billion! Denied!