Hearing Impaired License Plate (Arizona)

The laws of each state differ. Here in Arizona it IS possible to obtain a hearing impaired license plate.

The Arizona license plate (which begins with the letter “H” followed by 5 digits) immediately alerts law enforcement personnel that the driver is hearing impaired.

The requirements differ from state to state, but for Arizona, you will need to complete: ADOT Form 96-0104

For Hearing impaired: “To alert law enforcement and others to the driver’s conditions (not for special parking privileges).

Medical Certification must be completed by a person licensed to practice medicine in the United States or an audiologist certified by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Applicant must be unable to hear or understand normal speech, with or with a hearing aid in optimal conditions. (ADOT form 96-0104)

Adot form 96-0104

Laws vary by state. Check with each state’s local Department of Motor Vehicles for applicable laws.