How long?

© Nick Anderson / Houston Chronicle

© Nick Anderson / Houston Chronicle

Gun control is a lightning rod for divisive politics and rhetoric.

On the eve of the 2nd anniversary of the Tucson shootings on January 8, 2011, one thing is abundantly clear: nothing has changed. This time around: mass slayings in Colorado and Connecticut.

People are still free to exercise their civil liberties and own, hunt, and sport shoot. What is also clear is that guns are still ending up in the hands of wrong people.

The lessons proffered from the Tucson shootings, have steadfastly been rejected. A few months ago in July 2012, a lone gunman killed 12 people, and injured 58, at a theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Just a few weeks before Christmas, 26 people were killed at an elementary school, in Newtown, Connecticut.

The slaughter of the innocent continues.

Those that advocate gun ownership as a civil liberty, balked when their names were published in a local newspaper. Why? It is okay to own a gun, but NOT okay to exercise first amendment rights of Freedom of the Press to print public information. Why?

The assault weapons ban sunset in 2004 allowed the sale, use, and importation of high capacity gun magazine clips. Why? I am of the opinion that if a hunter needs more then 3 shots to kill an animal, I am not sure if a high capacity magazine will help. Or is that these high capacity magazines exist for another reason other then hunting. I wonder?

What is needed is a clear definition of what constitutes an assault weapon. Requiring assault style weapons like the AR-15, to be ONLY at a range, would be a start.

Gun buy backs are another contentious issues. On the 2nd anniversary, Tucson will offer a gun buy back programme. Anyone can turn in a gun, and receive a gift card. Gun control advocates hail this as an attempt to deal with some of the issues. National Rifle Association Members incessantly decry this attempt as somehow removing their civil liberty to gun ownership. Why?

Recently I walked into a local grocery store. In the space of 20 minutes, 3 people carrying guns walked into the same store. I left my shopping cart where it was, and quickly walked out of the store. Why is it necessary to carry a handgun into a grocery store?

Better access to mental health is also a tantamount issue. Why is it easier to purchase a gun, then to access mental health care? Lack of access to mental health was a factor in the Tucson and Colorado shootings. It is unknown at this time, if this is an issue in the Connecticut shootings.

They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” (Rev 6:20/NIV)

2 thoughts on “How long?

  1. Gun control IS INDEED a lightning rod for divisive politics and rhetoric.

    Gun Owership, on the other hand, is guaranteed by 2A “and shall not be infringed”.

    Seems to me the Constitution trumps the opinions of Hollywood’s elite and politicians bent on disarming Americans. Not to mention comic strip drawers and pacifists.

    What lesson in Tucson was rejected? I didn’t realize there’s a lesson to be learned that crazy person + weapon = random murder. But if there WAS to be a lesson:

    The lesson I learned in Tuscon was that an ARMED citizen, willing to put himself in harms way AND with a Carry Conceal Weapon, was willing to use his weapon to stop Loughner with it if necessary, and instead used reasonable force to subdue him for police. Without him, probably many more people may have been killed “by the time police arrive”, which can be up to 15 minutes.

    Funny, that doesn’t seem to be mentioned much, does it? Here’s this kid schooling that stupid gun-grabbing slob on MSNBC. No, click it. It’s good.

    I’m surprised I’m about to debate with a reasonable, intelligent man about why newspapers shouldn’t be publishing anyone’s personal belongings – wholesale style – in any newspaper. It’s not the government’s business, and it’s not yours.

    That said, neither neighbor on either side of me is armed. Publish that fact. I’ll bet my house gets left alone.

    For those who think it’s a cute idea, maybe this is how the next Tuscon Jared Loughner gets his weapons: Criminals now have a map to know where guns might be stolen from! Brilliant, that works against your argument. “Can’t get one legally, you mental case? Here’s where you can STEAL THEM FROM!”. Stupid, stupid logic!

    There IS no clear definition of an assault rifle – unless you can tell me what makes a hammer an “assault hammer”. Is a race car an “assault car” because it’s purposely designed to break the law? More hammers killed people than “AR” style guns in 2011, yet there’s no designation for that. The ones that are actual military, automatic assault rifles are already illegal. So what, ban them twice?

    I’m a member of the NRA. If someone wishes to trade their rights for a stupid $50. Best Buy gift card, then I agree, they are probably too stupid to understand the importance of 2A. Which, incidentally, is not self defense, OR hunting, but could also be used for that purpose.

    If your gun is nice enough and is in decent condition, post here. I might offer you $75.00 cash.

    I shop with my gun, and choose not to shop where guns are prohibited where possible. If I hear someone shooting, I guarantee I will run and hide. If I am cornered, I will do the unthinkable to protect the life of my family and myself, and that is all. Believe me, after reading so many posts from people online in many forums who are happy to disarm me for “supposedly” THEIR safety, I will not be putting my livelihood and personal or professional self through the adruous process of protecting someone who wants me to give up mine, simply because they make you uncomfortable. I’m not a cop, but since everyone is sue-happy, I’ll just protect myself and take my chances. When the criminal approaches you, you wait for the cops and make sure they hear the gunshots on the 911 tape. Deal?

    So let’s talk about my gun.

    My gun has injured less people than Ted Kennedy’s car or Jack in the Box burgers have killed. Yet, somehow *I* am the bad guy? Please.

    Why is it cheaper to drink a 24 pack of Bud Light and get behind a wheel of a car than it is to get treated for Alcoholism? No, really. Answer please. I’m interested in knowing why suddenly guns are linked to “mental health”. Is this new fad of crazy people murdering innocent people somehow new in the history of the earth?

    But we don’t blame alcohol OR legislate the limited availability of cars for the way those are handled (or mishandled), do we?

    Yet, there are some who will always blame guns and seek to somehow dissuade or penalize (or even outright punish) law abiding citizens for the crimes of the criminals.

    But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. Matt 24:43

    • The problem is the high capacity gun magazines/clips allow someone to empty 30 rounds in seconds. Long before anyone else with carry conceal could react. Unless you are a notoriously bad shot (maybe you shouldn’t own a gun?) or need to kill zombies (and lots of them) there is no logically prudent frame of mind which can justify the need for large capacity magazines/clips.

      The lesson the Tucson shooting offered was summed in the cartoon that accompanies this article. It is easier to get a gun, then to access mental health care. A lesson being repeatedly tolled in the cities and town across this nation.

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